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SEO for Service Based Businesses: Your Path to A Dominant Online Presence

Attention Business Owner:

Are you struggling to get noticed online? Tired of seeing your competitors rank above you on search results?

You’re not alone.

In the ever-competitive world of business, it’s crucial to stand out amongst the competition.

Your competition that have invested in SEO have been taking the cake on your customers and clients.

Leaving you feeling helpless…I am here to tell you, YOU can beat your competition and leave them in the dust.

That’s where our expertise in SEO comes into play.

First Off – Let’s Explain Why SEO is Crucial for Any Service Based Business. 

95% of Businesses Start their Search for Your Services Online

Your clients are doing an online search for you. If and when they find you – they are looking for experts, testimonials, and social proof that can help them with their unique challenges, even if they are referred by a friend.

If your business is NOT visible on the first page of Google search results, you’re missing out on a significant chunk of potential customers.

If your website is not set up to convert, you will lose those referrals.

SEO is no longer an option; it’s a necessity.


Customers trust businesses that rank at the top of Google Search results as it delivers INSTANT credibility.

This makes SEO one of the highest converting lead generation sources ever for business owners. 

Organic traffic from Google (not including Google Ads and Facebook) is the most profitable and valuable traffic source on the planet…

If you rank for your target keywords, you will be able to scale your business to the greatest heights in your community.

Imagine being overwhelmed with the amount of customers coming through your website and being able to filter through the best clients that you would rather take instead of settling for what is left over or a job that might not be profitable.

This gives you the ability to grow your business the way you see fit. 

I cannot stress this enough…SEO has become the lifeblood of client generation for service based businesses.

What Makes Sage Marketing So Special?

You are probably saying: “Well, That’s Great – What Makes Sage Maketing Solutions’ SEO Services Stand Out?”

Thanks for asking, I would be happy to tell you… 

The biggest problem we see currently in every marketplace is the confusion surrounding SEO.

This confusion causes the business owner to all of a sudden become a SEO marketing manager…and a confused one at that.

Why? Let me explain…

We have broken down all the main facets of SEO Marketing into 7 different approaches.

Most SEO Agencies only provide 1 out of 7 of these different approaches.

 Businesses must complete progress along ALL 7 different approaches if you want to dominate the search results.

So when you build a website and expect clients to come rolling through – what actually happens?

No traffic, no clients.

So what’s next – you hire the SEO company that provides 1 of these 7 approaches, most likely black hat backlink building.

Again…No traffic, no clients.

Just the feeling of being burned…

The next thing on your list would be to hire 6 more SEO companies and manage every single of them to work symbiotically together to create the results you are looking for.

That is not a realistic plan of attack…


Sage Marketing Solutions provides an all encompassing solution to SEO and Web Design. We handle all 7 of 7 approaches to SEO.

We. Handle. It. All.

The best part: You get to focus on delivering your services and growing your business.

We find your most valuable keywords, and we pull out every stop to make sure your website dominates those keywords.

We target your competitors and leave them in the dust.

Plain and Simple.

It’s taken over 12 years of being in the trenches with SEO tactics to put this system together to absolutely destroy the competition with organic search.

We move the needle every time.

Seeing is believing.. see how these companies went from ranking 0 keywords to thousands of keywords.

The Cost of Google Ads and Facebook Ads is Increasing Over 100 – 200% Every Year

Google Ads does NOT give your business the same sense of instant credibility that being on top of search results organically provides.

This is 2023, this isn’t ten years ago where a one-trick SEO “expert” somehow miraculously got you results.

With the increasing cost of Ad spend sometimes in the realm of $50 cost per click – SEO is becoming ever more important.

The business landscape is becoming more competitive, and these “one-trick” SEO experts will NOT be able to do you any justice.

Even more daunting is the technical SEO that has to be built into your website itself, now you need a web developer that can understand SEO!!

What a nightmare! – This is why most businesses get SEO wrong in the firstplace.

Fear not, keep reading carefully…

Now, if this interests you do your self a favor and take the next step. 

You may be thinking, “Well what is the next step, I don’t even know you.”

Take The Next Steps

Discover Your Target Keywords That Will Bring Clients Flooding To Your Business

1) Your next step should be to find out what your most valuable keywords are and see if it’s worth it for you to pursue this path.

More often than not, you will find treasure troves of keywords waiting to be scooped up by the most competant business.

If you do not know the first thing about keyword planning, you are in luck.

For this month only, we are offering a FREE Keyword Planning Strategy Session for your website.

We will provide you with a FREE SEO report as well as the keywords you NEED to be targeting.

No strings attached.

Be quick. Spots are almost gone this month. 


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I Tried SEO And It Just Doesn’t Work

You Must Not Want The Clients That NEED You Now!

You have a duty to help clients in need.

There are people out there that need your services right now.

They are hunting for services.

Do you show up on Google?

Do you even want to show up?

Maybe you believe that they are better of with your competitors? Which is where they are going right now.

Easy Pickins.

If you want to dominate Google Search for your Business in your local area, this is the logical next step. Take action.

Be quick. Spots are almost gone this month. LImited Time Offer.

Here are more results we have provided for other businesses:

family law seo

I Have An SEO Guy That Knows All Of The ‘TRICKS” – Beware of Being Penalized by Google

There are so many SEO tricks including Black Hat Strategies that Google is cracking down on!

Black Hat Strategies include any strategies that trick Google into ranking your website higher that are not based on real organic foundational strategies.

If you were this business owner depicted above getting burned by a black hat SEO “guru” – I would throw your marketing plan on the ground.

Fake backlinks from fake websites will end up blowing up in your face, and we have unfortunately seen it too many times.

There are TOO MANY SEO Agencies pulling fast tricks that will leave your website in the Google Penalty Box.

Avoid this road at all costs. Great SEO takes time. It’s not instant, but it is a road that leads to utter dominance of your industry. 

Imagine if you had started this one year ago, and how you could be reaping those benefits right now.

NOW – with each core update to their Algorithm, Google is cracking down on these black hat methods causing websites that once ranked well to come crashing down.

Google in 2023 is interested in real content, real authority, social proof, testimonials, and your overall online presence.

Real backlinks from real web developers is a must.

Too many agencies are delivering junk goods that will spoil your website and leave you holding a giant bag of doo doo, just so they could save a few bucks and reap the profit at the expense of your business.

Where so many have gone wrong, we have created the solution to this confusion and madness.

Our system is called WebOrganics.

If you are ready to learn more about this system, and still want to discover your valuable keywords that will take your business to that next level – do yourself a favor – click the button.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Do it before this offer is gone.


Start Getting New Clients on Google in the Next 30 Days

This FREE Report Provides the Same BluePrint we use to take Our Clients to #1 on Google!

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WARNING: You Could Be At Serious Risk Of Bad Keyword Usage

Are you making common mistakes like targeting the wrong keywords for your law firm? Bad idea! We’ll show you why this is a HUGE mistake and how it leaves you targeting the incorrect audience, resulting in your clients never finding you.

Why you should never trust Web Designers that do not provide built in SEO.

We’ll reveal the bullet proof SEO strategies that we use from a development standpoint that should be built into your website before creating external web content.

How you can gain Social Proof and Authority!

Get listed in the Press, on Legal Sites, and other syndications creating massive social proof and authority online.

The Best Kept Secret in SEO – Explode Your Business Website Traffic!

Seeing Is Believing – So Here is the Proof:

Would You Build a House Without a Foundation?

Obviously Not – Than Why Would You Build Your SEO Without One?

The question is, what do you think the foundation of SEO is?

I will give you the answer: Your Website

Your Website needs to be developed properly from an SEO standpoint to even have a chance.

This is the foundation.

So what happens to your SEO when you are trying to frame the house, and add shingles to your roof?

It all collapses…


…because you did not complete the FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT STEP:

Foundational SEO

Foundational SEO is compromised of different SEO approaches including Technical SEO, resolving errors and warnings you had no idea even existed.

It also includes creating killer metadata with messaging and indexing that metadata into Google Search.

Another important approach is creating phenomenal content that is not only SEO optimized but has the power to convert your clients.

There is much more under the hood of this foundational SEO and you shouldn’t do any other SEO campaigns until these things are resolved FIRST!

…otherwise you’re throwing feathers at a dartboard.

Nothing is going to stick!

Start building your foundation now…you know what to do.


Be quick. Spots are almost gone this month. LImited Time Offer.

Free Spots Are Almost Gone!

How To Finally Rank #1 On Google with Authority

You are going to E-E-A-T The Competition!

You most likely have tried SEO…

You were promised tons of new clients.

Then you were burned like hot rubber…

SEO is complex and for the amateur the learning curve is gigantic.

That is why so many SEO agencies fail, they simply don’t know where the road leads.

They send YOU down their bad road.

Since we know exactly where the road leads and we are EXTREMELY CONFIDENT this system will work for your business…

We GUARANTEE SEO Rankings in 90 Days. If we do not see Google Rankings in those 90 Days we will work for free until you have them.

Now we are putting our a** on the line right along with you.

Why should you pay again for something that miserably fails?

This will be the last SEO research you will ever have to do.

Remember, for a limited time we are offering a SEO and Keyword Planning Strategy…

Take the logical next step and carve your path.

Get this offer before it’s gone..


Be quick. Spots are almost gone this month. LImited Time Offer.

CASE STUDY: Fujiwara & Rosenbaum, LLLC

Watch Below:

200% Increase in Website Traffic

50x Increase in Website Leads

Hundreds of Contact Form Submissions

family law seo

Yes, you are reading this correctly.

This is a NO RISK, ALL RESULTS Offer…

This month only, we are offering a FREE SEO & KEYWORD PLANNING SESSION.

On the call we will deliver your keywords on a silver platter…

and we will show you what it will take for you to outrank your competition.

100% Risk Free

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